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Movie Section!!
Okay, if you're reading this, you use at least one computer program. I'm just going to list some I can't do without. You may or may not want to get them yourself.

Firefox everyone needs a copy of Firefox. It's like driving around the internet in a little red sports car. While IE is made by the devil himself and handles like an old milk truck. Give Evil Bill the finger and get a better browser!

Photoshop everything on this site has been processed or created in photoshop. I started with version 2.5 back in the old days. I use version 7 right now because I like it best. When you're working with pictures, there's photoshop and then there's everything else!

Thumbs Plus the best image manager out there bar none! You absolutely cant have a ton of pictures and not have Thumbs Plus. It kicks major ass!

Mirc the single greatest source of downloads I've ever seen! Everything and anything you're looking for is on irc somewhere. I use it mostly as a tivo for shows I missed. Forget the latest p2p, learn a few commands and you'll worship irc like I do. It's constantly running multiple nets on my computer. You need this!

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